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Posted: July 26, 2013 in IOE INTRANCE


A Carnot engine working between 300 K and 600 K has a work output of 800 J per cycle. The amount of heat energy supplied to the engine from the source in each cycle is

800 J

1600 J

3200 J

6400 J

The temperature of the sink of a Carnot engine is 27o C. If the efficiency of the engine is 25 %, the temperature of the source is

227o C

327o C

127o C

27o C

A refrigerator with its power on, is kept in a closed room with its door open, the temperature of the room



Remains the same

Depends on area of the room


A gas expends 0.25 m3 constant pressure 10 m3 N/m2 , the work done is

2.5 x 10-7 J

250 J

250 W

250 N

If the system undergoes contraction of volume, then the workdone by the system is





Water is boiling in a flask over a burner. To reduce its boiling temperature one must

Reduce the surrounding temperature

Connect the mouth of the flask to an evacuating system

Supply heat from a very intense heat source

Close the container with an airtight cork

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