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Two stars of mass 2*10^30 kg each are approaching each are other for a head on collision. the speed of star is negligible when they are at a distance 10^9 km. The speed of each star during their collision if radius of each star is 10^4 km.

combined form of sequence and series and complex number
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May 29 2013 5:10AM zzsuman

If three complex number are in A.P then they lie in a

a) same circle

b) same straight line

c) same curve

d) both a and c

ionic equilibrium
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May 26 2013 9:54AM forrestgump

2.5 ml of 2/5 weak monoacidic base (Kb= 1×10-12at 250c) is titrated with 2/15 M HCL in water at 250c. The concentration of H+ at equivalence point is (Kw= 1×10-14) is





Determine the tension in the rope at a distance x from the ceiling…
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May 24 2013 6:59AM estudies

A heavy block of mass M hangs in equilibrium at the end of a rope of mass m and length l connected to a ceiling. Determine the tension in the rope at a distance x from the ceiling.

velocity of transverse wave
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May 23 2013 11:39AM Subin shrestha

The linear density of a string is 10-2 kg/m. If a transverse wave y = 0.5 sin200t travels in the string, the tension required is……….


Sequence and Series
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May 20 2013 12:12PM xuz

The sum of the following is:

1+3-5+7+9-11+13…………………… 3n terms

a. 2n2+3n

b. 5n2+2

c. 3n2-4n

d. 3n2

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