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Reporter(s):Pramod yadv

‘Dead’ in U’khand, Nepali man
returns home
Thirty-one-year-old Dilli Bahadur
Oli’s family was in a state of
shock. The man who had gone
to India to work one year ago
supposedly died in the
flashfloods that struck
Kedarnath in the Indian state of
Uttarakhand on June 16.
On Wednesday, Oli’s family
members in Jhula VDC-1 in the
district were mourning his
‘death’ and were marking the
fourth day of the 13-day rituals
performed for dead souls.
However, they got the shock of
their lives when Oli casually
walked in.
Some of Oli’s relatives who had
gone to Kedarnath with him had
informed his family that he was
killed in the floods. Having given
up hopes of finding his body,
family members, including his
wife and two sons, made an
effigy of Oli’s body out of the
kush (Halfa grass) and began the
“I shaved off my head and
abstained from consuming salt
as per our tradition as he is my
close relative. We couldn’t believe
our eyes as he showed up while
we were mourning his death,”
Dhan Bahadur Oli told the Post.
He said the mourning soon
turned into joy, with the
relatives killing a goat for a
sumptuous meal that followed
for them and the neighbours.